4. Source documents and research notes.

The 12 bio details‘The Twelve’ biographical details

This xls spreadsheet contains the data gathered so far on the births, deaths , marriages and Census appearances of the 12 surviving children of Henry and Marion Shaw. It is a ‘work-in-progress’ (30 June 2011 update) and there are many gaps in the record to date.  I would be very appreciative of any information to help me complete this work.


This archival speech (in original Italian), given in 1929 or 1930 at the handover of the Infants’ School to the Local Government, details Percy and Helen’s philanthropic work in the village and beyond.

Asilo speech 1929-30

My English translation of the above.

HLC Will

The last Will and Testament of Helen Lavinia Cochrane. An invaluable, unique and astounding work of such detail.

WPC Will

By contrast, what could be more simple.

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