6. The Lithgow Brewery

Sequentially named Corbett’s Great Western Zig Zag Brewery, The Zig Zag Brewery, The Lithgow Brewery, The Blue Mountains (Lithgow) Brewery, and Terry’s Brewery, this brewery ran (almost) continuously from 1888 until 1958 when it achieved the distinction of being the last surviving country brewery in NSW.

An overview of its history may be found here Combined history Feb 2020, but please note that this piece was written 4 years ago and contains some erroneous material.

It is in need of an update as much new information has been unearthed since. As such it is an article of general interest only and not at an academic standard.

Please do not quote material from this article until further notice.

This complete update is in preparation and should be posted at the beginning of May 2020.


A second article originally published in Heritage – the newsletter of The Blue Mountains Association of Cultural Heritage Organisations Inc – Issue 42, Jan-Feb 2016, pp 1-4, is available here .