2. The Helen Cochrane Gallery

Welcome to a collection of the artworks of Helen Lavinia Cochrane. The individual images here presented vary widely in source, size and quality. Some are in the hands of family members, some in galleries and some are enlargements of sketches from the 20 or so sketchbooks that we are lucky to have. Many of the images are photographs of original works, taken in my travels and of less than adequate standard. They will be upgraded as that becomes possible.

I must stress that, as Helen’s biographer, I am not an authority on her work. I am not an art critic, historian or scholar, indeed I am not even blessed with a good eye. The purpose of this gallery is solely to present the work to any interested party.

I warmly invite comment of any description to this page. Anyone who is able to assist me by way of suggestion or help in its design will be welcomed. As such this page will be in continuous development as new images become available and as assistance and suggestions come forth.

One response to “2. The Helen Cochrane Gallery

  1. Lucia

    Hi, my father received (when he was a child) a watercolour from mrs Cochrane when she lived in Pugliola

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