8. The Triumph of Democracy

We, the People, have spoken. (per lettori italiani, quest’è dopo un’elezione nazionale in quale ha vinto la Partita Liberal – una partita ne liberale ne conservativa (come dichiarano), ma dei banchieri e degli impresari) and again we Aussies have shown that we are, despite being (I think) the second wealthiest per capita nation in the known universe, really a nation of hobbits and squirrels lucky enough to be girt by sea. No vision, no courage, no self-reflection. A wide brown land and a dull beige land. Can’t we just merge with NZ and inherit Jacinda Ardern as our PM? Please.

But (as Con the Fruiterer’s wife used to say) “I no complain”. It’s the truth and, since in vino veritas, I will just drink more wine. Western Democracy, whether one agrees with its outcomes or not, is by far the best system yet devised for the achieving the greatest good for the greatest number. Nonetheless, I retain the right the be utterly nauseated by the gloating of the likes of B Joyce and P Dutton.

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One response to “8. The Triumph of Democracy

  1. penkearney

    It’s a triumph of greed over vision and hope. Likewise nauseated. At least you’re not here being constantly bombarded by ‘Morrison’s miracle’. Urrrrgh…


    Dr Penelope Kearney PhD Villa 93 | 9 Col Drewe Drive | South Bowenfels | 2790 | NSW | Australia T +61 2 6352 4136 penkearney@bigpond.com

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